All-in-One Stone Care Starter Kit

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All-in-One Stone care starter set - Multi surface cleaner, polish, sealer sprays plus, etch repair powder and deep stain remover paste included

This Stone Care Starter Kit features 5 innovative products to help clean, restore, maintain, and protect many types of stone surfaces. The PH-neutral multi surface cleaner can be used daily to quickly and easily clean marble surfaces, stone and granite walls and tops, plus most other hard surfaces. Etch Repair powder removes chemical etching, water spots and scratches. The stain remover poultice paste works great for colored stains. An easy to apply stone sealer is absorbed into the surface of most stones to provide stain protection from 3 to 5 years. To maintain the beauty of your stone, the Polishing spray adds shine and creates a protective shield that repels water, reducing fingerprints and marks. The Stone Care Starter Kit includes: 1- 4 oz. All Stone Cleaner Plus Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray, 1- 4 oz All Stone Polishing Spray, 1- 4 oz. All Natural Stone Sealer Spray, 1- 4 oz jar of Stone Stain Remove Paste and 2 – 1 oz bags of Marble Etch Repair Powder. The Stone Care Starter Kit is designed for use on quartz, Corian, Formica, tile, glazed ceramic, polished marble, travertine, limestone and concrete. Individual results vary. Keep this product out of reach of pets and children. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage resulting from misuse of this product kit.
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  • Stone Cleaner Plus Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray, 4 oz bottle, PH neutral solution that quickly cleans hard surfaces including marble, stone, granite, ceramic, porcelain plus many more including glass streak free
  • All Stone Polishing Spray, 4 oz bottle, adds shine and adds a protective shield that repeals water, reduces fingerprints, and helps make future cleaning easier
  • All-Natural Sealer Spray, 4 oz bottle, is a water-based penetrating sealer for porous natural stones, marble, concreate plus grout
  • Stone Stain Remover Paste, 4 oz jar, is a ready to use, no VOC paste that pulls deep embedded stains, oils and dirt from various stone and marble.
  • Marble Etch Repair Powder, 2 – 1 oz packets for the occasional touch up. This powerful powder has specialty abrasives to easily help restore the surface of your top with no tools.
  • Works on most surfaces - Suitable for polished marble, granite, engineered stones, quartz, ceramic products
  • Great for light-colored natural stones like Carrara marble
  • Effective and easy to use - no special tools required
  • Low VOC
  • Made in USA
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