Bath furniture inspired by the legendary architect, designer, writer and educator. Frank Lloyd Wright created all aspects of his homes—including furnishings that transform the spaces they inhabit. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation worked closely with Greentouch to reinterpret Wright's sketches, photos, and drawings from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives as this new bath furniture that draws on design influences from his most iconic projects.

New Arrival

Through Lines Series

Frank Lloyd Wright adopted the term “Usonian” for the houses that he designed as affordable, practical houses for America’s growing middle class. Usonian homes responded not only to the lives of the inhabitants, but also the surrounding natural environment. As a result of this thoughtful design, the lives of those who lived in Usonian homes were enriched with beauty. The Frank Lloyd Wright USONIA® program brings together the spirit of Usonia with collections that allow for broader access to Wright's beautiful designs.

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Through Lines Vanity
$1,609.00 to $2,639.00
Through Lines Mirror
$199.00 to $229.00
Through Lines Wall Cabinet
Frank Lloyd Wright USONIA

The Inspiration

The Through Lines Series was inspired by Wright’s spindled, straight, high-backed chair for his home in Oak Park, Illinois. He first developed the chair for his home in Oak Park, Illinois, and throughout his lifetime re-envisioned the chair, with each variation reflecting the environments, buildings, and lives of the people that occupied them.

Chair Drawing and Images: The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Archives (The Museum of Modern Art |Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library, Columbia University, New York) All rights reserved. | ® /™ /© 2022, FLWF. All Rights Reserved. Vanity Drawings and Images: Greentouch USA, Inc. All rights reserved.

Collection Features

Form and Function

Linear cues are evident throughout the design, and work in concert to provide a feeling of grounded simplicity.

Looking to Nature

The use of cherry, poplar, plywood, and solid wood block construction celebrate the integrity of natural materials.

Multiple Top Options

Tops for the Through Lines series are available in three distinct materials, natural Carrara marble, engineered white, or engineered Calacatta marble.

Semi-Recessed Sink Option

Choose between an included undermount sink, which is pre-drilled for 8-in faucet kits (not included), or a semi-recessed sink, pre-drilled for a single-hole faucet kit (not included).

Two Hardware Finishes Included

Brushed nickel hardware is pre-installed, but champagne brass hardware is also included with any Through Lines vanity, or wall cabinet.

Dovetail Drawers

Natural wood drawer boxes and dovetail joinery are standard in all vanities and wall cabinets.

Removable Storage Trays

Removable wood trays can be added or removed to create separate storage sections for bathroom accessories. Trays are finished in the same red color as the squares that can be found in many of his projects.

Signature Details

Vanities include a USONIA® branded foil-stamped folio, color cover instruction manual, and a certificate of authenticity. A laser cut plaque bearing the USONIA® logo can be found on the inside of the soft-close doors.