Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy these products, as a consumer?

Greentouch Home products can be found at major retailers throughout the USA and Canada. They can be found in large retailers and savings clubs such as Lowe’s, Lowes Canada, The Home Depot, and Costco. For an accurate list of private furniture chains that stock Greentouch products, contact

Where can I buy these products, as a retailer?

Please contact for sales opportunities.

Where are these products made?

This product is a global mix of materials and services. The products are designed, warehoused and distributed in the USA. The solid wood and wood veneers come from America. The paint finishes are developed with an American company working in China. The customer service is 100% handled in America. Product and sub-component assembly are done in the USA, Vietnam, and China.

Where can I find instruction manuals?

Instruction manuals for the products can generally be found on the product page of the retailer’s website. If you need an instruction manual for an old item, contact

Where can I find help with product issues, or replacement parts?

If you need replacement parts, contact

Do you have any product videos?

Yes, we have a YouTube channel that gets new content regularly. It has product assembly, stone care, and feature videos. Check it out here: